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Micro Thermal Hole Treatment:
The size of NEOSCAN´s micro thermal hole is 700 micron. As it makes maximum 10,000 holes in a pattern, is possible to rejuvenate the collagens in both thin and thick skins. The 10,600 nm of the
NEOSCAN has high water absorption, and it increase the efficiency of treatment.

Easy and Quick Treatment:
NEOSCAN is normally possible to treat right after settings of duration and degree. For the delicate control, you can use distancy and pattern, sharp, size. NEOSCAN have a memory function. It is easy to use in narrow parts in face such as eyes or nose. Also you can change the mode type for more delicate using.

The cost Effectiveness Treatment:
As long as NEOSCAN does not need any other items, there is no additional charges in treatment. Because we use CO2 RF tube that has been so popular within customers, NEOSCAN is cheeper than other fractional Lasers.

Short Down Time Treatment:
NEOSCAN - fractional CO2 Laser treatment is less destructive than other Non-ablative treatment an more efficient than other Abaltive resurfacing treatment. Because NEOSCAN use a thin laser beam for treatment. It is fast in recovering.

Indication Notes:

+ Non Surgery Fractional Resurfacing
+ Non Surgery Wrinkle Reduction
+ New Direct Pinhole Therapy
+ Non Surgery Acne Scar Reduction
+ Non Surgery Long Pore Resurfacing
+ Unified Ablation & Thermal Damage




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The NEOSCAN is an resurfacing solution based on fractional technology. Less aggresiv compared to conventional ablative lasers, the NEOSCAN system delivers tangible results to different skin types.

Micro Thermal Hole Zone

NEOSCAN produces micro thermal hole zones at specific depths while sparing the Tissue surrounding.

Painless, Safety, Quick recovery time




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