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CO2 Laser


Fractional CO2 Laser
          The Best choice to
treat deep wrinkles
      scars and improve
your skin tone


RF driving tube, no need to change. It emits very fine and well arranged laser which can penetrate to corium layer directly.

Best treatment result which can replace surgery totally. No wound, quick time convalescence. Wide range of application, effective treatment.

8.4 inch real LCD color touch screen, most humanized software control
7-jointed articular light conduct, accurate treatment
No pain, no cut, no side-effects!
No rebound! Apparent long-last result!



Download PDF - Produktdatenblatt

LCD screen 8.4 inch LCD real color touch screen
Light conducting
system 7 jointed arms to conduct light
Wavelength 10.6µm
Radiofrequency 0.530W
Power 30W

MODE Pulse Scan
Laser energy 1-30W 5-45mj
Step value 1W 5mj

Scan pattern size 0.1x0.1mm—20x20mm
Scan Mode free scan; Sequence scan; maximum distance scan
Dot quantity 400 dots at most
Pulse duration 0.1-10ms
Spot distance 0.1-2mm
Pulse energy 1mj to 100mj is optional for each dot.
Cooling system Water and wind cooling system
Laser apparatus Sealed off laser device stimulated by direct current
Condenser focus f=50mm
Spot size ≥0.2mm at the focus
Condenser focus f=50mm
Radiation time/ 0.01 1 s
Interval time
Aiming beam 635nm infrared ray
Power supply 110/220V?10?50Hz/60HZ 6A
Continuous 24 hours
working period

Language English, Spanish, French,
Portuguese, German, Russian




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