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3D Life Viz

The next step
in stereo vision

The beauty of Full 3D

QuantifiCare has developed an innovative and precise system
to visualize medical photos in Full 3D which allows for much
greater 3D interaction.
The image quality is superb and the 3D reconstruction is
complete, uniform and harmonious.
The Full 3D station enables you and your patient to anticipate
the benefits of aesthetic treatments and surgical procedures
but also observe clinical trials progress based on real 3D images.

Enter the new and exciting 3D world thanks to the 3D glasses and the Full 3D !

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Compact, portable & time-saving

Discover the latest generation of 3D LifeViz™ systems: the only compact and easy to use stereovision camera for high performance
3D Medical Imaging.

Automatic loading & 3D reconstruction of your photos

Your time is valuable. QuantifiCare is the first to offer wireless automatic image transfer and 3D reconstruction directly onto your computer. You just Click and Play !

Photos are automatically reconstructed in 3D and stitched

A comprehensive tool

The 3D LifeVizTM system can be used to evaluate the
complete face, the body and many other indications in
dermatology, wounds and oncology (acne, diabetic
ulcers, basal cell carcinoma, etc).

For smaller areas and skin microstructures, QuantifiCare has
developed the 3D LifeViz™ Micro capable of producing much
closer images with extraordinary results.




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